Dr. Gregory L. Primus, M.D. — Orthopedic Surgeon & Founder

“My philosophy of care is centered around patient information and patient understanding. I embody this team concept, which means treatment decisions are made by the collective understanding of the patient and family, primary care physician, and the surgeon. When everyone is on the same page, the patient is empowered and allows for a speedy and more effective recovery.”


Dr. Doré E. DeBartolo, D.O. — Sports Medicine Specialist

“My philosophy of care is to treat each patient as a whole, rather than just treating a symptom. My goal is to help augment the body’s ability to heal itself, and to identify and modify any factors which may predispose to injury. As a former athlete, I am familiar with the unique demands that athletics may place on an individual, and treat injuries with empathy and compassion. I believe the best treatment strategies involve a multidisciplinary approach centered around the patient.”


Gayle Jazo, DPT — Physical Therapist

Gayle’s philosophy in treating her clients centers on a “whole body approach” as well as educating the patient to be their own best advocate so that they can take charge of their own rehab. “It is important to me that patients understand what each aspect of their therapy program is trying to achieve. I feel that this gives patients more ownership over their own progress and allows them to understand what it is they need to accomplish in order to return to their desired level of function.”


Dr. Rosalind Ogunsola, DC – Chiropractor & Physician Extender

“I believe working in the social services arena has enhanced my desire to enter the medical profession by providing health education to individuals helping them to become self-sufficient.”


Michelle Haan, PTA- Physical Therapist Assistant

“I understand how frustrating and difficult it is to not be able to participate in athletics or do your normal activities. As a Physical Therapist Assistant, I strive to meet patients where they are at and help them reach their goals. I work hard to connect with each and every patient and meet their needs. When you are injured, it is difficult to have a positive attitude; I endeavor to instill determination and optimism in my patients.”


Shareikka Theus-Downey, ATC, LAT, MA - Athletic Trainer & Physician Extender

“As an Athletic Trainer it is my duty to keep patients motivated through their recovery process. Instilling a positive mindset within the patients creates mental stability to keep them motivated in order to reach their goals physically. Physically, it’s about a challenge and overcoming obstacles. I always tell my patients to inhale confidence and exhale doubt because hard work always beats talent when talent does not work hard.”


Did You Know?


Dr. Primus' medical career follows his remarkable career as a Wide Receiver in the NFL, both with the Denver Broncos and the Chicago Bears!
Several of our providers are elite college athletes!
We have an indoor therapy & training facility with AstroTurf giving our athletes the best tools for full recovery.
We have also have locations in Hyde Park and Downtown Chicago.



Doctor Primus repaired my Leg after a motorcycle accident and I continued to serve in the US Army because of his work, he also has repaired my wife’s broken ankle and true to his word she did walk across the stage for her graduation from AIU. I can honestly say Dr. Primus cares, and in my book is the best in his field.

Thanks Doc from the Richardson Family.

I am still waiting on the Wolverine claws as I requested, I am not giving up.

Maurice Richards

Dr. Primus,
It was great to have finally visited your Tinley Park location. Next time, I hope to drop by the office for reasons unrelated to another silly gym injury. Ha, ha.

I was impressed by many aspects of my visiting including the enhanced level of professionalism conveyed by you and your staff members. It was refreshing to see your medical team which was diverse, responsive, and generally upbeat. Moreover, the wait time was quite reasonable; even after I arrived slightly past my scheduled appointment.

Keith McLemore

G.P., you must realize that many people are proud of you and your impressive laundry list of accomplishments. You exemplify so many positive things that are vital to… but lacking within our community. You are a “work-in-progress” but still personify diligence, determination, strategy, and grit. All of these attributes belong to you and better days are yet to come. Wow… I am Jealous!

Again, Congratulations on your terrific office and best wishes to your family and staff.

Keith McLemore, CONTINUED

Dr. Primus took time out of his Sunday Afternoon to notify us that my 14 year old Son had a fractured tibia…. he had surgery the next morning and in approximately 6 months later he was back on the Basketball Court!! I also had Athroscopic knee surgery he was always available to answer our questions and address our concerns.Dr. Primus and his staff were just awesome. I will and have recommended Dr Primus; he is passionate about his work and he is very knowledgeable and compassionate. Had a great experience. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sade Adekoya

We called for an appointment on Wed, saw the Doctor on Thur, had surgery the following Mon, 3 weeks later my son is ready to re-enter his sport!!

Thomas R. Zwick

Dr.Primus is very concerned about his patients and he is extremely talented in his craft. My husband broke his ankle and Dr. Primus performed the surgery. After 3 months my husband was walking normal again, without a limp.

Mr. and Mrs. LaCartis West

By far the best surgeon and therapist in the business. Nice friendly place with great people who don’t mind helping you. I’ve been seeing Dr. Primus since he opened his Tinley Park office. Keep up the great work guys!

Thorlan Buchanan

Dr. Primus and The staff were patient and attentive to all my daughter’s needs. They helped her go through the surgery process and eased her anxieties and concerns. She is now going through the recovery process and I am thankful.

Sherri Southall